Other Products

We maintain an inventory of domestic softwoods and hardwoods as well as a variety of exotic, imported lumber. We can help you resource those hard to find species and specific sizes.

Custom Pak Adhesives


A General-purpose powdered urea resin. Often used in vacuum presses and curved laminations as well as general assembly.
Available in 5. lb. and 25 lb. containers.
Compares to: DAP Weldwood® Powder Resin


A solution used to treat crotch and burl veneers to prevent checking and cracking. Aids in flattening by temporarily plasticizing wood.
Available in 1gal. and 5 gal. containers.


Crosslinking PVA, general purpose adhesive for applications with limited moisture resistance such as bathroom cabinets and products that may come into intermittent contact with moisture.
Available in 16 oz., 1 gal., and 5 gal. containers.
Compares to Franklin Titebond II®, Elmer's Weatherproof®.


A resin emulsion formulated to seal the pores of wood in preparation for subsequent gluing and finishing operations. It retards moisture movement in and out of wood and composite wood materials, It sands well and seals end grain prior to gluing or finishing.
Works really well when staining maple.
Available in 16 oz. and 5 gal. containers.


A general purpose "yellowglue" for use in a wide range of wood to wood bonding applications including (but not limited to) edge, face, end grain, and panel on frame gluing.
Available in 16 oz., 1 gal., and 5 gal. containers
Compares to: Franklin Titebond®, Elmer's Carpenter Glue®, and Wilson Art Lockweld®.