Product Sourcing Services

Even our combined warehouses in Miami and Ft. Myers aren't large enough to contain the variety of species and products offered to our customers. Although we supply manufacturers materials with consistent characteristics, we also have daily requests for custom applications requiring not only specific species, but also color shade and figure.

If we don't have it "on the floor", we go looking for it.

A client orders rosewood and provides a sample. First we have to determine which of the possible 40 species of rosewood that sample represents, and then we go find it. A design calls for a counter top made from a single wide board of the desired species. If we don't already have it, we start making phone calls. An interior calls for an entire floor of offices to have the walls covered with sequenced panels. We can produce those panels to specification. While other suppliers may limit you to what they have on hand, we will make the effort to meet your needs.